Let's try it biligual!

I started my blog Dekoversum in German (since that is my native language). 
My English speaking friends however, encouraged me to translate that blog into English as well. 
Of course, there is the possibility to use the automatic google translator, but the results are, well,...let's put it mildly...somewhat between strange and hilarious...
No offense google translator :-), I love using you for single words or even complete phrases but whole texts...there is obviously still a human brain necessary.
So I will give it a try and translate my blog. But I'm not an English expert, most of my English I learned in school and during my year as an exchange student at an American high school. And I guess, watching Oprah every afternoon during that year also had a share in that...:-) 
So the translation is going to be far from perfect...but I do hope to do better than the automatic google translator...:-)
By the way: You get to the German version of my blog by clicking on the Blog auf Deutsch Button in the navigation.

So, welcome to Dekoversum, the DecorationsUniverse – my new Blog about decorations, DIY and decoupage!

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